The Link between Insulin Resistance and Excess Fat

The Link between Insulin Resistance and Excess Fat

In the effort to lose weight, people find themselves bouncing from one diet to the next. They may lose weight, only to find the diet is hard to stick to and the weight comes right back.

We are bombarded with ads for countless diets and supplements and “fat burners” which promise easy weight loss. It is important to understand that being overweight is a symptom of the body not functioning as it should. A weight problem is really a health deficiency.

Just as high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high cholesterol are symptoms of non-optimum health, so is being overweight.

When your body is healthy you have tons of energy, high stress tolerance, and can sleep peacefully through the night and get out of bed refreshed. Healthy bodies can digest their food and feel satisfied without any cravings. A healthy body has flexible joints, relaxed muscles and no inflammation.

So, to reduce excess fat and get back to a normal weight, the solution is to return the body to optimum health. Do this, and the extra fat will be taken care of.

The secret to optimum body health is to have optimum cellular health and that means your metabolism is functioning the way it should. Your metabolism is the sum of the chemical reactions that take place within each cell and provide energy for vital processes. As we ingest carbohydrates they are turned into sugar which is then passed into the bloodstream.

Sugar (glucose) is the source of energy for the cells. Healthy cells take in the sugar that results from digested food and use it to power the cells. Insulin is manufactured by the pancreas and released to aid the cells in converting the sugar to usable energy.

As we eat more sugar and carbohydrates, our body works harder and harder and eventually may not be able to keep up with the overload of sugar. This causes the pancreas to manufacture even more insulin.

So, over time there’s more sugar and more insulin in the blood while the cells continue being resistant to utilizing the substances they need to produce energy. This is a metabolic disorder known as Insulin Resistance – your metabolism is not working as it should.

Today, people are consuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates (which turn into sugar), processed foods and sugar. Because of these food choices, it can happen that there is excess sugar in the blood and when this occurs it turns into fat. So, being overweight can be viewed as a metabolic disorder.

What can be done about excess sugar in the body?

Making better food choices, such as eating more fresh vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, is essential. And being more active will make you feel better.

There is a solution to ease this excess burden of sugar through supplementation with Metabolic Boost – a natural blood sugar solution – by Qgenics.

Metabolic Boost protects the body from processing excess sugar in 6 different ways, including lessening the absorption of sugar in the intestines, and helping the liver turn less sugar into fat.

To fight Insulin Resistance and excess weight gain try Metabolic Boost. For more information on Qgenics and Metabolic Boost, email or call 866-531-8713.

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