Podcast: Metabolic Disorders and the Immune System

Podcast: Metabolic Disorders and the Immune System

Do you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high “bad” cholesterol, low “good” cholesterol, high triglycerides or excess fat around the waist?

If you have any one of the these factors, you have a metabolic disorder – an imbalance or deficiency – that negatively affects the way your body functions. This also means you have an increased risk of a serious health condition, such as cardiovasular disease. If you have 3 or more factors this is commonly referred to as Metabolic Syndrome and your risk increases even more. You are not alone.

Metabolic Syndrome is increasingly common and up to 30% of U.S. adults have it and about 44% of people over 50 years of age are affected by it. Every 5 seconds someone is diagnosed with a condition caused by metabolic disorder and every 10 seconds somebody dies from a metabolic health issue. It is one of the most important health challenges we currently face.

Take Control of your Health and Feel Better

Diet, exercise, and supporting your body with nutritional supplements that support optimum metabolism, can help improve your health and longevity. We all want to live a long life, but not one where we spend years plagued by chronic illness.

Qgenics has access to research conducted by a team of researchers and doctors throughout the world specializing in the prevention and long-term reversal of critical health conditions caused by degeneration of the body, such as metabolic disorders and Metabolic Syndrome.

This research was driven by an interest in the interaction of nutrition and genes. Over the years, significant research has been done to identify genetically compatible sources of nutrition that support human health.

You do not have to be the effect of your genes. Nutrition has the potential to change gene expression and improve health and longevity.

In a series of interviews, John Payne, Chairman and CEO of Purelife Health Sciences Group, shares some of the insights gained from this research. The Qgenics’ podcast episodes provide fascinating information and are easy to listen to.

Episode: Metabolic Disorders and the Immune System

  1. Why everyone with Metabolic Syndrome has a compromised immune system
  2. What is innate immunity and adaptive immunity
  3. Why autoimmune diseases come about
  4. The health consequences of compromised immunity
  5. Toxins lead to a change in gene expression
  6. Why toxins are far more harmful for children’s gene expression
  7. What can be done to support the immune system
  8. The benefits of targeted nutrition.

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