Here’s Why Most People have a Weak Immune System

Here’s Why Most People have a Weak Immune System


The Immune System is the bodily system that protects the body from foreign substances by producing the immune response.

The major structure and function of the immune system is to protect the body from environmental agents, such as microbes and chemicals. This system is preserving the integrity of the body and its health.

The immune system is made up of special organs, cells and chemicals that fight infection (microbes). The main parts of the immune system are: white blood cells, antibodies, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow.

The human body is an optimal environment for pathogens (anything that can produce disease) to thrive, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Your immune system is your body’s defense against infection and illness. It destroys germs, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

People with weakened immune systems are at greater risk of disease and illness, especially:

  • Babies
  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • People with chronic illnesses, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Stroke, Cancer, forms of Dementia and chronic lung disease.

Even without a chronic illness, there is a very great chance that you have a weakened immune system.


There are 2 things that compromise the immune system that virtually everyone experiences on a daily basis – stress and sugar.

When you consume sugar in any form it compromises your immune system for 6 hours.

Sugar is in almost everything we eat and most people consume sugar in some form multiple times each day.

This means that for most of us our immune system only functions properly for a few hours early in the morning. That is not enough to keep us protected from the foreign substances in our environment.


The good news is there are natural, plant-based ingredients that will boost the immune system. One of these is Beta-Glucans. Beta-Glucans support and boost the innate immune system – the body’s first line of defense against pathogens.

Over 1,600 research studies have been conducted at prestigious institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, Tulane University and the National Cancer Institute. In every study, beta-glucan was found to be beneficial for the health condition being studied.

Many health researchers consider beta-glucan to be one of the most effective immune enhancing substances ever discovered.

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